Pronounced (O-re-she-re-she), a Yoruba term meaning different things African Folklore is a performing arts company formed in 1986 with the expressed purpose of sharing the beauty and poignancy of African life and culture.

OrisiRisi has received critical acclaim far and wide for their unique, African-rooted, educational and entertaining presentations. Don Harrell and Nigerian born wife Tutu, co-produce and direct the many facets of their act. With varied African art Orisirisi imparts different kinds of folk-knowledge and experiences to and for their audiences.

Ilenbilu Adetutu (Tutu) Harrell, a graduate of Crown College of London, England, is an extraordinarily talented storyteller and dancer who has dedicated herself to the sharing of the rich cultural heritage of her ancestry.

Don Harrell is a versatile veteran of stage and screen productions who holds a Masters degree in Theatre Arts from The Institute of African Studies at The University of California, Los Angeles and has furthered his studies at the University of Ghana, Legon Ghana.

For thousands of years in the mystical light of the moon, African children have sat spellbound; listening to stories that both entertain and develop a better sense of the difference between right and wrong. OrisiRisi African Folklore recreates this scene with Moonlight Stories.

Moonlight Stories is an anthology incorporating the African tradition of audience participation, including fun-filled call and response type songs, mesmerizing African drumming and dance, children’s games and much more!

The audience will meet Aja Ati Ijapa (Dog and Turtle), The three birds and the Hen, the Wolf and the three Kids, and many more unforgettable characters as OrisiRisi African Folklore spins yarns of tales that none will soon forget!

Suitable for all audiences
Time: Variable
Cost: Negotiable

OrisiRisi is listed with the South Carolina Arts Commission’s approved artist roster for Arts in Basic Curriculum, Arts in Education and the Gifted and Talented Programs, the Alternate ROOTS (Regional Organization of Theaters South) community tour, is dedicated to promoting greater understanding of Universalities and Cultural borrowing and sharing, and is a current feature attraction at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center.

For further information or for bookings contact:

Don Harrell
Telephone: 407-697-1336

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